The Black Writers Museum Dinner Sale Fundraiser

Event Details
June 22, 2013
4547 Pulaski Ave
Philadelphia, PA


Help support UAC Program Partner The Black Writers Museum and attend the Dinner Sale Fundraiser on Friday June 21, 2013 and Saturday June 22nd, 2013.                                                  

The Black Writers Museum will be selling fish and chicken platters for $10. Delivery is available though pickup is encouraged. All proceeds collected will benefit the exhibits and programs at their new facility the historic Vernon House in Vernon Park, 5800 Germantown Ave. 

The Black Writers Museum aims to provide youth and community programming by utilizing exhibits of classic and modern black authors and their works as tools for teaching and learning.

The Dinner Sale will be held at 4547 Pulaski Ave located in Germantown from 12PM-9PM. To place orders in advance call 267-601-1425. For more information click here.