Philadelphia Anti-Drug/Anti-Violence Network, Anti-Violence Volleyball Tournament

Event Details
March 14, 2012
South Philadelphia High School
Broad and Snyder Streets
Philadelphia, PA

Once Again It's On! This phrase, sometimes associated with negativity has been transformed into an event of PEACE, UNITY and UNDERSTANDING. On Wednesday, March 14, 2012, from 2:30 P.M. to 5:30 P.M., the Philadelphia Anti-Drug/Anti-Violence Network will host the "Anti-Violence Volleyball Tournament".

This athletic and fun event was designed to bridge the "neighborhood gap" and bring together members of various schools, neighborhoods and communities. Students from nine (9) Philadelphia High Schools (Kensington High School, Masterman High School, George Washington Carver Engineering and Science, Palumbo Charter School, George Washington High, Central High, Furness High, Parkway Center City and Northeast High), located in the North, South, North Central and Northeast sections of Philadelphia will compete in this day of "righteous" and peaceful competition.

The tournament will take place at the South Philadelphia High School, located at Broad and Snyder Streets. All games will take place in the school's gymnasium.

The event's sponsor, the Philadelphia Anti-Drug/Anti-Violence Network (P.A.A.N.) was founded in 1989 by James J. Mills. P.A.A.N. quickly established itself as one of the city's premiere violence prevention agencies, implementing programs and services to increase the peace and curb violence. Under its present leadership, Darryl Coates, the agency continues to fight for the peaceful existence of Philadelphia communities and the negative effects associated with drugs and violence. 

For more information about this tournament, please contact Damian Padilla at (215) 940-0550. For more information about P.A.A.N., please contact (215) 226-PAAN.