YOACAP 4th Annual Blood Drive

Event Details
August 30, 2013
UAC Main Building, 4th Floor Conference Room
1207 Chestnut Street
Philadelphia , PA


UAC Program Partner YOACAP is collaborating with the American Red Cross Association for the 4th annual blood drive on Friday, August 30th, 2013. YOACAP has been dedicated to saving lives with their annual blood drive for the past three years. Since inception, YOACAP has saved 222 lives! This year, YOACAP’s goal is to collect 30 pints of healthy blood and with your help this goal will be reached!

For prospective donors, YOACAP suggests eating iron rich foods such as ready to eat cereals, beans, spinach, chicken, broccoli, one week before donating!

The blood drive will be held in UAC’s main building in the 4th floor conference room located on 1207 Chestnut St from 10am-4pm. For more information and to schedule your donation appointment, please call Tajuana Wall at 215-851-1968.