FAN Clubs

Financial Advancement Network (FAN) Clubs

FAN Clubs are groups of 5-20 people who commit to meeting on a regular basis to improve their money management habits, rectify troubled financial situations, and pursue their financial goals. Groups may be formed by those who share a place of employment, school, church or temple, an association, or a social service agency, etc.

 Each FAN Club consists of six sessions, conducted by an expert, on topics such as "saving for tuition," "paying down debt," "improving your credit score," or "implementing a balanced budget." FAN Clubs encourage members to speak up about their progress in reaching personal financial goals.

 Once a group commits to hosting a FAN Club at a particular site, UAC trains the club host to start the club and recruit members. UAC continues to work closely with both the host and the club leaders (President and Vice President) to help make individual clubs a success.

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FAN Clubs may be organized according to level, subject matter, purpose, or types of members.

  • Foundations: managing a checking and savings account, creating and using a spending plan, and using and establishing good credit.
  • Advanced: personal financial planning, retirement planning, investing, risk management and insurance, and wills and estate planning.
  • Thematic: investment, credit-building, entrepreneurship, and homeownership

The Financial Advancement Network is an initiative of the Urban Affairs Coalition that is supported by the Coalition’s Community and Economic Department (CED). The CED’s mission is to bring capital to communities by building bridges between low- and moderate- income areas and mainstream financial institutions.

Want to start a FAN Club?

If you are interested in starting a FAN Club, please fill out this form and send to Meagan Schaefer, FAN Administrator, or contact Meagan Schaefer at 215-851-1847 or for more information about starting a club.