21st Century Work-Stream Hires and Trains 50 Bartram High School Students

December 11, 2014

On Thursday, November 8, 2014 UAC Program Partner, 21st Century Work-Stream held a new-hire orientation for 50 John Bartram High School seniors. Each of the students were recruited and trained for two hours at the Urban Affairs Coalition 1207 Chestnut office. Beginning January 2015, these 50 Bartram High School students will begin work as part-time employees for UAC at these sites: Center for Hope, Inglis House, All Stars Day Care, Divine Treasures, Vicki Piontek, Attorney at Law, The Urban Affairs Coalition (UAC), John Bartram High School, Ms. Tootsies, and Judy’s Seafood. Through the 21st Century Work-Stream program, the students will receive 100 hours of onsite work experience during their academic year internship. Students

Additionally, 21st CWS has partnered with UAC’s Community and Economic Development (CED) program to offer 23 of the 50 Bartram High School an opportunity to participate in CED’s Financial Advancement Network (FAN) clubs. The FAN clubs will enrich students’ knowledge of financial literacy while developing their money management skills. Within these workshops, students will also have the opportunity to open new checking and savings accounts with Wells Fargo. UAC is excited about 21st Century Work-Stream and CED’s new partnership, promoting financial literacy for high school students. To find out more about 21 CWS, visit their website here.