900AM WURD Interviews Kareem E. Thomas, Regional VP & Market Manager of Business Banking at Citizen's Bank and co-chair of UAC's Friends of the Coalition Initiative

December 19, 2014

On November 19, 2014, 900AM WURD interviewed Kareem E. Thomas, Regional VP & Market Manager of Business Banking at Citizen’s Bank and co-chair of UAC’s Friends of the Coalition Initiative and 45th Anniversary Breakfast to discuss what it takes to sustain UAC’s level of community investment and development over the course of almost five decades.

Here are some of the highlights that Kareem shared with 900AM WURD:

  • Friends of the Coalition Initiative: “The Friends of the Coalition Initiative will foster the next generation of leaders and givers in our community. These friends of the Coalition will pledge $100,000, which can be donated throughout the year, and they will be granted access to some of UAC’s top notch networking events and introductions to regional executives.”
  • To this we pledge: “This is the theme for UAC’s 45th Annual Anniversary Breakfast. When most people see cans on the street, they kick it. We do not believe in ‘kicking the can.’ We believe in picking up the can and making a difference by using our time, talent, and treasure.”
  • Hopes for community empowerment: “UAC is the home for nonprofits, sponsoring over 55 organizations that address many social injustice issues. We are the village that helps organizations and Greater Philadelphians in the community drive change from the ground up. It’s all about partnership. I am where I am today because of UAC, because of those partnerships. And I’ll continue to be that brand ambassador and tell the story.”

To hear Kareem’s full story, click here.