Explorers Sans Frontieres and Summer WorkReady Chosen as "Non-Profit of the Week"

June 11, 2013


UAC’s Summer WorkReady Program and Program Partner Explorers Sans Frontieres (ESF) were selected as Clear Channel’s “Non-Profit of the Week.” In efforts to inform the community about all the various nonprofit organizations and the resources they offer, Clear Channel is showcasing a new nonprofit every week on all of their radio station’s websites.

Last week, ESF was chosen as the “Non-Profit of the Week.” ESF is an organization dedicated to building relationships and engaging in civic duty all across the world.  Through global initiatives, ESF helps address the needs of those who are socially, economically, and religiously underrepresented. Their humanitarian efforts focus on education, healthcare, and providing outreach services to various countries including Senegal, Haiti, and Jamaica. ESF’s programs are a way to exchange knowledge and information with other cultures in order to improve in addition to providing leadership to future world leaders.  This grassroots organization continues to eliminate cultural barriers and improve communities within the United States and countries of the world.

This week, UAC’s Summer WorkReady Program can be seen on all of Clear Channel’s online media in the Philadelphia region. Summer WorkReady, managed by the Philadelphia Youth Network, aims to improve the educational and economic outcomes for youth. Summer WorkReady offers an opportunity for youth and young adults ages 14-21 to gain employment and make valuable connections with employers. Summer WorkReady recruits over 1,000 youth and places them in positions throughout the city to gain career exposure and to learn the skills needed for the workforce. UAC has collaborated with PYN to help place over 500 young people for summer employment!

 Congratulations to both organizations for accomplishing this great achievement!