Freedom Rings Partnership Launches Awareness Campaign, KEYSPOT

January 10, 2012


The Freedom Rings Partnership has launched KEYSPOT, a public awareness campaign and new website to promote 70 FREE public computer centers now open around the City. The campaign includes ads on SEPTA buses and subways. Go to to view the website. 

KEYSPOT centers are open to anyone and everyone. Visitors can use computers to access the Internet, sign up for FREE training, search for jobs, apply for public benefits, pay bills online, find life-saving health information, complete schoolwork, and gain needed social support. UAC's KEYSPOT is located at 1207 Chestnut Street and is open everyday, noon to 3:00 p.m.
The Freedom Rings Partnership is multi-year, federally funded initiative that is helping  low-income Philadelphians get access to the Internet and computer training. It is led by UAC, in collaboration with the City, Drexel University and others. Last year alone the program delivered 56,000 hours of computer training to over 4,200 participants.