Getting it Right: UAC’s Mini-PHIL and PHIL-PLUS Program Improves Client Experience

February 25, 2015

How do you thread the needle of getting homebuyers with less-than-perfect credit who have critical home repair needs through the maze of ever-changing underwriting criteria in the post-recession era?  The Anti-Predatory Lending program at UAC is committed to doing just that by educating consumers and providing products that work for today’s market.  This fiscal year, the Mini-PHIL-Plus home improvement loan program has increased the rate of closed loans for home repairs by 43%!  This has been accomplished in no small part to the increased communication efforts between the bank partners, housing counselors, and CED staff members that all work together to process these loans.  Bi-monthly conference calls with our partners are an exciting, new addition to help keep all stretched partners up to date on getting their clients into the door and through the process in today’s new normal of underwriting for home improvement loans.   

Thanks to the leadership of Nelson Acevedo, Vice President of PNC Community Development Banking, the calls allow for bank branch representatives, housing counselors, and the UAC Program Administrator to gather in one setting and facilitate valuable information sharing and assessment of applications that could get stuck in the application review process.  These calls will allow for the underwriters to be more accessible to housing counselors’ questions and are increasing all of the partners’ understanding of their different roles and expectations for the program.  With the second call scheduled for April, we anticipate more growth and learning leading to an increased, positive experience for all clients who begin the application process for either the Mini-PHIL or PHIL-Plus loans.

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