Handbags 4 Peace Movement: Promoting Safety for Women

February 12, 2014


On Saturday, February 8 women from around the city of Philadelphia gathered to rally against the recent purse snatchings that have resulted in the death of three young women. The rally took place on 53rd and Market Streets where the last fatal robbery happened. These incidents have inspired a new grassroots movement, Handbags 4 Peace, to help combat violence against women and devise solutions on how to keep women safe.

Women and supporters of this movement are using social media to raise awareness about Handbags 4 Peace and how they can support this cause. Women throughout the Tristate area are taking photos of what's in their handbags to show that there is nothing worth ending a life for. Darisha Miller, a member of UAC's Marketing Committee, promoted the event and pitched the story to major news channels for coverage. Handbags 4 Peace has now been covered by CBS Philly, NBC10, the Philadelphia Daily News, and is receiving national coverage. To support this cause, visit www.handbags4peace.com.