KEYSPOT at UAC Helps Good Students Become Better

May 25, 2012

When The Urban Affairs Coalition recently launched its KEYSPOT at 1207 Chestnut St., several city residents were already coming in to use it. Among them were Barbra Carey of Overbrook, and Sherry Fisher of Southwest Philadelphia, both of whom have completed computer training classes with KEYSPOT and plan to participate in more classes.

For Carey, the benefits of basic computer skills became clearly apparent when she began taking classes at a local community college. She was astonished that no professors would accept handwritten papers.

“They wanted everything to be typed,” Carey said. It was then that she knew she had to do something so she wouldn’t fall behind. Carey began to take typing classes at a local KEYSPOT. And the best thing about KEYSPOTS according to Carey? “It’s F-R-E-E free!”

Since her initial KEYSPOT classes, Carey has dramatically improved her skills. She can type letters in Microsoft Word and search for information using Internet search engines. However, Carey isn’t done learning just yet. She hopes to master all of Microsoft Office and gain some information on investing strategies.

“I just have a small sum of money, and I want to know the best way to increase it,” Carey said. She also hopes to share her knowledge with fellow retirees. She is astounded that so many of them lack interest in computers and fail to see how critically important they are in today’s world. Carey believes that it “feels good to learn something new every day; you feel better mentally.”

Carey will continue to remain a loyal user of the local KEYSPOT locations. She hasn’t been able to purchase a computer for herself just yet, but KEYSPOT will provide everything she needs until then. According to Carey, “[computers] aren’t going away. I guess I have to learn how to work with it.”

WURD-AM broadcast its morning show at the launch event and interviewed Fisher on the air. Hosts Sharmain Matlock-Turner and Steven Sanders boasted about Fisher’s abilities as she demonstrated some of what she has learned how to do.

Fisher said she believes the KEYSPOT locations are a real asset to the community. They provide training that will help any and all with finding jobs and further succeeding in life. Fisher considers KEYSPOTS to be for people of all ages. When she has the chance, she likes to take her grandson with her.

“He loves to paint on the computer” Fisher said.

Fisher wishes to continue her computer education. Next on the list is to become A-Plus Certified. This certificate will show that Fisher has mastered all of Microsoft Office. Fisher believes that this will help her greatly in the workplace and that all the information she has gained from classes at KEYSPOT is “really valuable.”