Official Statement from UAC President in response to Inquirer Article

December 4, 2012

Message from UAC President Sharmain Matlock-Turner

Official Statement in Response to 11/18/12 Article in Inquirer

As President of the Urban Affairs Coalition (UAC), I am compelled to respond to the story that appears in the Sunday, November 18th edition of the Philadelphia Inquirer.

I am outraged that – after twenty years of working in partnership with the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED) and with leaders in Harrisburg as a successful funds manager – we are being maligned in the Philadelphia Inquirer by a report that has been unavailable to UAC.

Over the last 18 months we have been the subject of a multi-layer review focused on several grants some that were previously audited and accepted by DCED.

As an organization that is committed to transparency and accountability, we have cooperated with DCED and the Inspector General's office. We have provided the documents requested and answered any questions. The state has refused to give us a copy of the audit and the documents supporting the audit.

For more than 43 years, the Coalition has been bridging the gap between government and communities as a fiscal sponsor.  Our role as a fiscal sponsor is to receive and manage funds that support an array of community activities.  Many of these activities are carried out through our program partners or other community organizations.  On average UAC manages between $20 and $50 million annually.  Since 1999 we have managed approximately $390 million, DCED funds represent 6% of the funds managed. 

We have again, requested a copy of the state audit and will explore every avenue to secure it.  It is tempting to respond to these accusations; it is painful not to. We must have a copy of the report so that we can respond to the inaccuracies in the article, review all charges and respond in detail.

I am again asking the state to release the report to UAC.

Thank you for your support of the work of UAC.

Sharmain Matlock-Turner
President & CEO
Urban Affairs Coalition