Recap: Impact Development Roundtable: CED's third, successful meeting focused on scale, capacity and impact

July 25, 2017
UAC Community & Economic Development's (CED) Impact Development Roundtable hosted its third meeting at Saul Ewing LLC on Tuesday, July 25. Over 50 individuals attended the event, representing regional nonprofits, for-profit, government agencies and leaders from the real estate development community. The theme for this July session was “Building Scale & Increasing Capacity with Impact Development Projects” and featured a presentation from Aaron Seybert, Social Investment Officer at the Kresge Foundation, about the M-1 Rail Line Project. Detroit’s $180 million M-1 Rail Line debuted in 2013, and has already brought more than $7 billion in economic development along both sides of the 3 mile route. Mr. Seybert provided insight into the unique financing for the massive project, which is the first major public transit project led entirely by private and philanthropic investors. This project created context for discussion around large scale projects in Philadelphia that can develop widespread social impact without government resources. The next Impact Development Roundtable will be on Monday, October 30 at Saul Ewing. If you are interested in learning more or being involved in these meetings, contact CED Director Jojy Varghese at or 215-851-1738.