Senior Citizen Selects UAC's Mini-PHIL Loan Program for Home Repair

March 10, 2015

“Margaret is a senior citizen who has been invested in her neighborhood of the Northeast for almost 50 years!  Margaret is continuing to invest in her neighborhood; when she noticed that there were some cracks forming on the sidewalk outside her home, she began researching options to have it repaired.  She wanted to ensure that any neighbors strolling near her home could walk confidently, without worry of tripping.  Her research led her to us at the Mini-PHIL-Plus loan program and we’re so happy that she was approved for a loan!

Margaret received assistance in applying for the loan from HACE, a housing counseling agency. Housing counseling agencies, such as HACE provide critical, one-on-one sessions with Mini-PHIL-Plus loan applicants.  These appointments allow for the applicant to ask any questions before meeting with the bank (either Citizens or PNC), have assistance in filling out the loan application, and ensuring that the monthly payments fit into the applicants’ budgets.  Margaret’s housing counselor was Amanda Garayua, whom Margaret admired greatly.  Margaret emphasised how helpful and sweet Amanda was, taking the time to explain everything to her from the anticipated monthly payments to the closing costs for the loan.

However, Margaret’s favorite aspect of the loan is how low the monthly payments are.  She was able to choose a comfortable repayment term that fits into her budget and allows her to make the payments without worry.  Soon, Margaret’s neighbors will be walking on newly poured concrete thanks to PNC Bank, HACE, and the Urban Affairs Coalition’s Mini-PHIL loan product.

 To learn more about UAC's Mini-PHIL loan program, click here.