UAC congratulates Vice President, Arun Prabhakaran, Program Manager, Kate Rivera and Partnership and Outreach Manager Tivoni Devor for recent publication in Partnerships for Health and Human Service Nonprofits

December 17, 2014

UAC would like to congratulate our Vice President Arun Prabhakaran, Program Manager Kate Rivera and Partnership and Outreach Manager Tivoni Devor, who were recently published in Partnerships for Health and Human Service Nonprofits. The book examines primary partnership models, best practices and case studies to guide nonprofits through the process of collaborating with other organizations. While partnering with a larger group of businesses will not fit every organization’s model, the authors explain the potential benefits, expel common myths and explore potential cost-saving initiatives.

In his article, Arun dissects the Urban Affairs Coalition (UAC) model of fiscal sponsorship that allows the sponsored organization to share its sponsor’s legal and tax-exempt status. Nonprofits sponsored by UAC or other successful fiscal sponsors gain access to more expansive infrastructure and tax-related benefits that larger organizations can provide. Arun outlines the various forms of fiscal sponsorship offered by UAC and takes an in depth look at the positives and negatives of adopting this model.

Tivoni discusses a similar topic, exploring the potential benefits of shared-service organizations that partition costs through partnerships. Currently more than 30% of Philadelphia nonprofit’s revenue is being allocated to overhead and back-office operations. By sharing office space, administrative costs and other services, nonprofits are able to invest more money into programming and assist more people.

Kate explores a previously establish collaboration, The Freedom Rings Partnership, that provides thousands of Philadelphians with computer access. On average between 41% and 55% of Philadelphians do not have access to the internet at home. The Freedom Rings Partnership, made up of over 50 organizations, provides free computer use and training sessions to assure that residents can find jobs, attain an education or connect with family members.