UAC Program Partner NUAD's barbershop anti-violence project featured in Southwest Globe Times Newspaper

October 24, 2014

On October 17, 2014, UAC program partner Neighborhood United Against Drugs (NUAD) was featured in the Southwest Globe Times Newspaper for its six-week anti-violence initiative, Gotta Make a Change: The Barbershop Project. The project premiered the evening of Monday, October 13th at The Common Place, 58th and Chester Avenue. Four young men shared their group experience, highlighting their transformations from "street mentality" to becoming positive leaders in their communities.

Joseph Purnell, Executive Director of NUAD and visionary for the program gave his thoughts on the youth group participants. "I tell the men that I don't know anymore than they do. They know that their thoughts and opinions are just as valuable as mine or anyone else's."

Kevin Livingston, one of the young black males from the program offered his valuable opinion by describing his former outlook on leadership. "I thought this was the way to lead," a life lesson of crime and violence Livingston learned from the streets. Now, Livingston has abandoned his "street mentality" and has refocused on a new purpose- becoming a change agent. With added guidance from his mentor, Mike Bighum, barber of Philly's Finest Unisex Salon barbershop, Livingston and the three fellow members of The Barbershop Project are well on their way to making positive impacts in their communities.

The six-week initiative will give these young men the opportunity to create and implement a simple project that will encourage progressive change on others. We are proud of NUAD's efforts to continue to make positive change in the lives of young men. As you can see, The Barbershop Project is truly creating change agents one haircut at at time. To view Southwest Globe Times Newspaper feature, click here.