UAC Wins Digital Media Competition

March 9, 2012

UAC is among the winners of the Digital Media Learning (DML) Competition funded largely by the MacArthur Foundation.  The Coalition is a partner in the "Digital On-Ramps initiative," an online and mobile-based literacy and workforce training program for youth and adults. The group was the recipient of $200,000 award that was presented this week at the Digital Media Learning Conference. Arun Prabaharan, UAC's Director of Strategic and Goverment Relations, worked hard on the project and was in San Fransisco to accept the award.

The Digital On-Ramps project envisions a practical solution to one of Philadelphia's most formidable challenges: preparing all Philadelphians to work and compete in the 21 -century economy. Digital On-Ramps will provide a digital framework for delivering comprehensive education and workforce training to youth and adults. Accessible via the "cloud" from a full range of devices (mobile, tablets, netbooks, desktop computers, etc.), it will offer an array of educational and training tools from basic literacy and math to post-secondary education and employment training.

Lead partners are Philadelphia Academies, Inc., City of Philadelphia (Mayor's Commission on Literacy, Mayor's Office of Education, Mayor's Technology Office) Urban Affairs Coalition, Drexel University, Philadelphia Youth Network, and IBM. Read more