Urban Affairs Coalition’s Campaign for Working Families

June 15, 2011

Urban Affairs Coalition’s Campaign for Working Families Ends Another Successful Tax Season

With great enthusiasm, The Campaign for Working Families (CFWF), a partner of the Urban Affairs Coalition, announces another successful tax season.  During the 2011 tax season, CFWF completed 12,210 tax returns securing $22.3 million for low-income Philadelphia residents in state and federal tax returns, which includes $7,709,707 of Earned Income Tax Credits (EITC) refunds. 

The Campaign for Working Families is a non-profit organization that works to provide free tax services, connect families to public benefits and asset-building resources, and protect taxpayers from rip-offs, including Refund Anticipation Loans (RALs), sometimes called "Instant Money" or "Rapid" Loans.  For over nine years, CFWF has worked to prepare and e-file 102,820 tax returns bringing $168.7 million in state and federal refunds to working families throughout Philadelphia. 

“The goal of CFWF is to help families get a financial leg up.  Providing free personal tax services is just a portion of what we do to help working families become more financially fit.  We know that by providing other services such as financial education, credit report analysis, and information on ways to effectively save money, not only makes us contribute to our community but helps families get one step closer to the middle class,” says Jones.  As a testament to the work the Campaign has performed, Director, Khadijah Jones was recently presented with an “Impact in Income” award by the United Way. 

Khadijah Jones will be a guest on the radio show, Financial Voices, Thursday, June 16, from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. on WURD 90 AM or streamed live at http://900amwurd.com/

As a member of the Urban Affairs Coalition, the accomplishments of the Campaign have helped to further the Coalition’s goal of building wealth in urban communities.  “Since our inception, building wealth for those who are most vulnerable has been one of our main priorities.  This includes our work with the Campaign, as well as the Governor’s Task Force for Working Families, and The Brookings Institution in 2005.  We see the work of the Campaign as an anti-poverty program that helps those it serves to move up the economic ladder,” says Sharmain Matlock-Turner, President and CEO of the Urban Affairs Coalition.

This year, in addition to tax returns, the Campaign for Working Families also:

  • Engaged 673 active IRS-certified volunteers who spent 17,795 hours staffing 11 free tax preparation sites.  CWF recruited 1,170 volunteers, trained 716 volunteers, and placed 797 volunteers
  • Completed 12,210 taxes, including 659 small business returns.  4,601 of these completed returns were EITC returns
  • Captured $22.3 million in state and federal tax refunds, which includes $7,709,707 of EITC refunds
  • Offered 580 new banking savings products: pre-paid debit cards and savings accounts
  • Helped 684 customers purchase a U.S. Savings Bond for long term savings      
  • Completed 411 FAFSA forms and 303 public benefit applications (Food Stamps, CHIP, Medical, LIHEAP)
  • Pulled Credit Reports for 2,285 customers

 For more information on the Campaign for Working Families visit www.uac.org or www.phillyfreetaxes.org, or call 215-851-1886.

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