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The Coalition provides Fiscal Sponsorship and Shared Services to a network of 75 partner organizations and programs that offer services throughout the region, reaching more than 150,000 children, youth, and adults. Through the Power of the Coalition, we address the issues most important to families and communities: building wealth in urban communities, improving life chances for youth and young adults, and strengthening the nonprofit sector. We work in the areas of positive youth development, adult education and job training, health-related services, economic education, housing support, advocacy, and economic inclusion. You may browse or search the complete list of program partners below to learn more.

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To support the students and alumni of the World Communications Charter School. Services Provided: Scholarships and Educational Programming
Provides an educational Think Tank Platform uniting teachers, students and the community to revolutionize and generate continual improvement in the educational experience, and professional learning and development, model learning communities and a network of community partners.
To advance and accelerate significant, positive live changing events for the trans people in the legal, social services and medical services areas, and by educating the surrounding community in trans specific issues.
To provide a one-stop center to assist parents in overcoming barriers toward family reunification.
To help facilitate the end of the AIDS crisis by advocating for HIV-cure research and supporting services for people with AIDS.
To provide youth and community programming by utilizing exhibits of classic and modern Black authors and their composition as tools for teaching and learning.
To respond to the lack of positive and progressive educational advocacy and support mechanisms for LGBT people of color in the Greater Philadelphia area.
To bring capital to under-served communities to ensure the stability, growth, and utility of the region; to enable low and moderate income individuals to become economically empowered through better personal financial management; and to assist residents, businesses and institutions in low and moderate income areas to protect and build their assets. Through collaborative means, to develop strategies to address other community and economic development concerns in the metropolitan Philadelphia area.
EDP acts as an independent consultant to influence wealth building policy by promoting business development and employment for minorities, women and community residents.
To provide small business owners and new entrepreneurs with the support and tools they need to thrive: small loans, access to other credit and capital sources, training and technical assistance and, above all, a network of peers, service providers, consultants, and potential customers.