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“We couldn't have made the necessary improvements to our home if it were not for the Coalition”

-- Paul Brown

The Brown family of West Philadelphia are retired and on a fixed income but a UAC home loan program helped them make much needed improvements to their ageing home and pay off existing debts.

“Last spring, I volunteered at the Urban Affairs Coalition. But, what started out as a volunteer assignment for a senior project, quickly morphed into what would be my first paid job; and a learning experience that I'll carry with me for the rest of my life.

-- Demetrius Lacey

Demetrius participated UAC's Summer Youth Employment program. Today he is a freshman student in college.

It seems as if every day we hear stories about how The Power of Coalition has positively impacted the lives of people in our community. From receiving free tax preparation and financial education to learning about the work world in our Summer Youth Employment Program. Do you have a story to tell. Enter it here and we’ll post it to our site.

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